Default Editor

Super simple wysiwyg editor on Bootstrap

Inline Editor

Air-mode give an interface without the Toolbar. To reveal popover Toolbar, select a text where you want to modify. Simply turn on airMode and just focus on text.

This is an Air-mode editable area.

  • Select a text to reveal the toolbar.
  • Edit rich document on-the-fly, so elastic!

End of air-mode area

Click to edit

You can edit content on the fly.

Hello User,

We create simple, flat & responsive admin dashboard template.

Please, write text here!

Super simple WYSIWYG editor on bootstrap.

Hint for words

Summernote supports autocomplete features, hint to help typing. You can define custom hints with options. Hint options can be an object or array for multiple hints.

Hint for emoji

For Emoji’s you can use

Hint for mentions

For Mentions: [jayden, sam, alvin, david]